Manish Pushkale

Born in Bhopal in 1973, Manish Pushkale is an artist of great mettle.He holds a Masters degree in art and is deeply linked with  the mythological.Subtle brush strokes and shading creates a multi-layered meaning to his painting.An artist of high competence and stature creates an aura with a subdued colour palette resulting in a lingering calm to his works.The motifs and symbols in his paintings highlight different meanings.
Manish Pushkale`s grandiose of his work can be seen at several exhibitions like;`Deep in Black` at Galerie Muller and Plate Munich in 2009,`Think Small`at  Art Alive Gallery,New Delhi etc.He is undoubtedly  an artist displaying exquisite,creative,graceful,stimulating and harmonious work.

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December 16, 2014