Shampa Sircar Das

Shampa Sircar Das, an artist of quintessence is a name to recko with.Her artistic inspiration originates from search of `who am I` and various other Indian philosophies.She advocates the fact that major threat to our existence is not natural disaters but human created dangers.
Her artistic temperament is a combination of philosophy and aesthetics to create her own language on the canvas and not to make a statement.Her spiritual stance is reflected in her solid colour areas just as in Vedanta;consiousness by definition arises from the Brahman.Shampa`s work revolves around the earth,water and fire elements.`Vayu` often meaning spirit, not just air as an element but the presence of being and consiousness that encompasses everywhere but cannot be seen.The `Water` element unfolds the universal undertone of purity,fertility and central source of all beings.`Agni`element delineates life in everything animate and inanimate.Truly Shampa Sircar Das`s work is exalted and awe-inspiring with aesthetic and sublime touch.

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December 16, 2014