Eddie Alvarez got a hilarious text from his son after winning UFC title

Eddie Alvarez’s life was changed forever when he beat Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas to take home the UFC lightweight title. Alvarez was proud to join the short list of hard-nosed competitors that have won the belt, but one of his family members had their mind on something else — his checkbook.
Alvarez revealed during a Q&A during UFC 201 fight week that the first message he got after winning the title was from his son congratulating him on their new-found wealth.
“My first text was from my 8-year-old,” Alvarez said. “He got a little ahead of himself. He texted me and said, ‘Dad, we’re rich.’ I said, ‘Do you know something I don’t know?’”
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According to the disclosed payouts for UFC Fight Night in Vegas, per MMAJunkie, Alvarez earned $150,000 for his win over dos Anjos. While that’s a pretty penny, it doesn’t quality as rich in 2016 America. But a few more title defenses, and maybe a red panty night, and Alvarez will be well on his way.

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