The Lotus has a Point

Twice a week in the morning, Delhi-based artist Olivia Fraser would pair with her yoga teacher to master visualisation techniques, where she meditated on the opening and the closing of the lotus in the many chakras of the body. This act resonated so well within her subconsciousness, that it ended up as her muse in her painting, Breathe.

On display at Sundaram Tagore Chelsea, New York, where she has used stone pigment and gum on handmade paper, it chronicles the blooming and closing of the flower in repetitive patterns, denoting the simple idea of breathing in and out. The lotus takes centre stage in most of her 30 paintings in her latest exhibition “The Sacred Garden”. The show is a visual guide to her deep fascination with yoga, and the ways in which yogic meditation allows for visualisations of the garden, particularly the sahasrara or the thousand-petaled lotus, a symbol of enlightenment.

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